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Elkhart Brass launches new products

Elkhart, IN - Elkhart Brass continues to expand its EXM family of products with the addition of one new product and one new feature. The new EXM Stow Module is compatible with existing EXM products, including the Sidewinder EXM, Cobra EXM, and Scorpion EXM monitors (water cannons), as well as all 70xx EXM Input Controllers. The Cobra EXM also received an update to its operations in the form of Extended Travel lockout functionality.

The EXM Stow Module provides an interface that integrates with a fire truck’s safety system. In aerial applications this could be used to restrict a ladder returning to its bedded position if the monitor is not first stowed. It also provides the ability to wire visual or audible indicators that designate whether the monitor is in the stowed position. For example, this could be an indicator light visible for the operator to see whether the monitor is stowed to prevent collision with a bay door.

The Extended Travel function enables the Cobra EXM monitor discharge to travel an additional 30° past the vertical calibration point (straight up) when safe to do so. The lockout feature interfaces with an OEM supplied proximity sensor that enables or disables extended travel when the monitor is used in aerial applications.

Enhancing the functionality of the EXM product family has been a main focus for Elkhart Brass with this round of new products and features. For more details or questions regarding these new products and features, please contact your regional sales manager or customer service representative.

Posted: Oct. 10, 2014