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Unibody Apparatus

The answer to all your apparatus valve needs — the Unibody Apparatus Valve, now in your choice of ball or butterfly valve styles.

The Unibody ball valve is designed to the industry standard dimensions. In addition, the Unibody ball valve incorporates single body design for all actuators to simplify both configuration and installation.

While all butterfly valves utilizes gear or electric motors, electric motors in the Unibody line are robust, heavy-duty motors, ideal for higher torque applications. Unibody butterfly valves also feature industry standard flange and dimensions for cross-compatibility.

Coupling the Unibody Apparatus valves with the Single Body line (1.0” and 1.5” ball valves) - Elkhart Brass is your total apparatus valve solution.

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No-Leak EB40 Warranty
Elkhart Brass is offering a one (1) year “No Leak Warranty” on all EB40 valves shipped after May 1st 2015. In addition to our standard Elkhart Brass Warranty, the “No Leak Warranty” will cover valve leakage “for any reason” during a period of one (1) year on all EB40 model valves.

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Unibody Valve Limited Warranty
This 10-year warranty covers all valve-related electric components, including: the controller, the motor and the sensor(s). It's the most comprehensive and longest warranty on electric waterflow components in the industry.

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