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Unibody Electric Controller

Unibody Electric Controller

All three of Elkhart’s controllers feature a 10 LED ultra-bright display which indicates closed to fully opened status in 10% increments. The 10 LED ultra-bright display is visible in sunlight and automatically dims at night. A pre-set button is programmable for any position. The Unibody Electric Controller is suitable for operation with any supply voltage between 12 and 24V DC and requires no more than 10 amps. There are no additional modules to wire or mount. The aluminum housing is sealed to NEMA 4 rating. Unibody Controllers may be operated via external switches or networked for primary secondary operation with remote display.

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Unibody Configurator V2.4.1 download
PLEASE NOTE: FILE IS LARGE and DOWNLOAD TIME MAY BE SUBSTANTIAL. (Fastest is to save the file to your computer and then open the .exe file.)

Technical note: You must be running a Microsoft OS for the Configurator Tool to operate. (Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 supported.)

If you are currently running one of the previous versions of the Unibody Configurator Tool, you are not required to unload the original version of the Configurator before downloading or installing version 2.4.1. However, if you have multiple updates, at this time a fresh installation is recommended, by uninstalling all versions prior to downloading v2.4.1

File Type: ZIP
File Size: 22.75 MB

Unibody Valve Limited Warranty
This 10-year warranty covers all valve-related electric components, including: the controller, the motor and the sensor(s). It's the most comprehensive and longest warranty on electric waterflow components in the industry.

File Type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File Size: 377.99 kB