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Field Adjustable Pressure Reducing (URFA)

Field Adjustable Pressure Reducing (URFA)

Elkhart’s URFA valve is a true pressure reducing valve operated automatically by inner hydraulic controls. While the valves are pre-set at the factory, they are field adjustable, allowing you to tailor the pressure to your needs. They feature manual valve open and close, as well as pressure adjustment — all of which require extremely low torque to change due to the patent-pending design. Inlet pressure up to 400 psi is controlled under all-flow and no-flow conditions. Valve size and weight permit installation in significantly tighter areas and smaller hose cabinets (those used for 1½” or 2½” valves) — allowing savings of both space and money. The URFA also functions as a floor control valve in automatic sprinkler systems as well as a standpipe valve or hose valve for Class I and Class III systems.

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URFA Field Adjusting Pressure Reducing Valve Calculator
Guide for determining target setting for Elkhart Brass URFA Series Valves
Version: 1.4.1

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