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With its 4” fully-vaned waterway, the Spit-Fire is efficient at high flows and offers a choice in manual controls. The dual hand-wheel style control delivers full 360° horizontal rotation with horizontal and vertical adjustable stop positions; while the tiller style control (aka the “Big Stick®”) conveniently controls both vertical and horizontal travel with one handle. Made of corrosion-resistant brass construction, the Spit-Fire requires little maintenance on its fully enclosed gears, steel worm gears, and bronze balls in all swivel joints with grease fittings.

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Big Stick Monitor Instructions
Description: Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Instructions for the 8294-131 & 8394-121 "Big Stick" monitors.
Version: 98071121 Rev A

File Type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File Size: 247.95 kB

Spit-Fire Manual - 8394-02
Installation, operation, and maintenance sheet for 8394-02
Product Description: 98071010

File Type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File Size: 547.07 kB

WPO-2000 Manual
Installation & Operations Manual
98593000 REV A

File Type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File Size: 572.23 kB

WPO-2000 with Spitfire Spec
Description: Outlines requirements for water powered monitor oscillating system utilizing WPO-2000 and Spitfire monitor.
Version: January 2018

File Type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File Size: 592.14 kB