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The Mystery® nozzle incorporates a twist-type shut-off; opening in straight stream and producing a flow from straight stream to wide fog. In combination with a B-375A ball shut-off, the Mystery® nozzle promotes an extremely convenient method of advancing hoselines. Simply close the ball shut-off, remove the Mystery® tip, attach additional hose and then reattach the tip at the end of the line. The tip’s built-in shut-off allow for the line to be advanced rapidly without bringing in an additional nozzle.

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Handline Nozzle Repair - Seat Adjustment & Replacement Handline Nozzle Repair - Seat Adjustment & Replacement
Nozzle and Ball Shut-off seat adjustment and replacement instructions for handline nozzles. Includes instructions for both square drive actuators and old style round drive actuators.
Version: 98149000 Rev A

File Type: Adobe Acrobat PDF
File Size: 259.78 kB