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Apparatus Valves

Apparatus Valves

Whether you prefer traditional valves, or a more versatile option like our popular Unibody Apparatus valve, exceptional design and engineering are your assurance you’ll find the right Elkhart apparatus valve for the right application.

Performance Document
Performance Type: Pressure Loss
Product Description: Check Valve (728-25)

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800/2800 Valve Type and Size Identification Guide
Identification Guide - How to determine the size and type of an 800 or 2800 series ball valve

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Unibody Configurator V2.4.3 download
PLEASE NOTE: FILE IS LARGE and DOWNLOAD TIME MAY BE SUBSTANTIAL. (Fastest is to save the file to your computer and then open the .exe file.)

Technical note: You must be running a Microsoft OS for the Configurator Tool to operate. (Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 supported.)

If you are currently running one of the previous versions of the Unibody Configurator Tool, you are not required to unload the original version of the Configurator before downloading or installing version 2.4.3. However, if you have multiple updates, at this time a fresh installation is recommended, by uninstalling all versions prior to downloading v2.4.3

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No-Leak EB40 Warranty
Elkhart Brass is offering a one (1) year “No Leak Warranty” on all EB40 valves shipped after May 1st 2015. In addition to our standard Elkhart Brass Warranty, the “No Leak Warranty” will cover valve leakage “for any reason” during a period of one (1) year on all EB40 model valves.

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Unibody Valve Limited Warranty
This 10-year warranty covers all valve-related electric components, including: the controller, the motor and the sensor(s). It's the most comprehensive and longest warranty on electric waterflow components in the industry.

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