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Pressure Reducing

Pressure Reducing

Elkhart’s Pressure-Matic is a true pressure reducing valve operated automatically by inner hydraulic controls. No diaphragms, springs or outside controls are involved with the unit; the action being completely dependent upon conditions at the nozzle or sprinkler system. Inlet pressure up to 400 psi is controlled under all-flow and no-flow conditions.
The UR valve series may be used as a standard shut-off. The valves are completely tamper-proof. They fit all existing cabinets where 1½” or 2½” valves are are currently in use. Valves are factory set. A Valve Data Sheet is available under the Other Documents tab.

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Pressure Reducing (Pressure-Matic) Pressure Reducing (Pressure-Matic)
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Pressure-Matic Valves Pressure-Matic Valves
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Pressure-Matic (Pressure Reducing Valves) Article
Source: Plumbing Engineering Magazine, May 2007
Author: Jim Trapp, Elkhart Brass Engineer

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